Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Post 270 - Blonde On Blonde 1979

1. Whole Lotta Love 4:59
2. Make Me Smile 3:12

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Please, please do not listen to track 2 it is truly awful and not one of my best restorations either, i guess it is because it is so bad!!!!


Disco Connection said...


Password - DC2012Blondesdonthavemorefun

GeorgieBoy said...

I'm so sorry, but I couldn't resist the temptation. Some people should never be allowed to use anywhere near a microphone. "Make Me Smile" truly "Make Me Laugh" is more like it. Restoration wise it wasn't too bad really. But maybe it's just as well that it waasn't crystal clear. But very, very amusing

Chris Vodka said...

BEHOLD THE SEXXXED UP LEZZIE GLAMOUR OF BLONDE ON BLONDE, a little known pop duo, started by JILLY JOHNSON & NINA CARTER in the UK around 1977, the 2 blonde glamour models were made semi-famous by posing topless in an England's infamous tabloid newspaper The Sun, of course, what better way to parlay that new found fame than to cut a record and become pop stars ?, it's only logical, with their sexually suggestive name, they were known for their risqué album covers which featured overtly homoerotic overtones, their 1979 cover of Led Zeppelin's "WHOLE LOTTA LOVE" is ridiculous and amazing, BLONDE ON BLONDE is basically a 1970's disco version of Samantha Fox times 2, they really only saw any form of success in Japan, THANXXX DC & CREW another rare piece of musik, 1/2 fantasticly restored, i could'nt resists too, i gave a listen to "MAKE ME SMILE" and it did big time ...

Anonymous said...

You can see them performing Whole Lotta Love on Youtube !

DreaminEyez said...

Can't judge a book by the cover or in this case maybe you can ;)

Dj Colourzone said...

Just watched the vid on youtube and all I can say is that it's no different than many female groups of the Disco Era. The worst enemy for many groups was the meddling Producers who lacked any creativity and forced Disco acts to do stupid shit and sing stupid shit.
By the way I thoroughly enjoyed watching them from a horny prespective...nothing hotter than a Blonde on Blonde disco sandwich.
I am sure as adequate singers they could have done much better stuff but ended up being just another white hoochi mamma disco bimbo group due to their producers. It's true when they say you are what you eat? Or was it sing??? Anyway fantastic restoration work as always and thank you DC !!!